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Boté A Mano is a Persian Inspired ladies footwear brand, handcrafted in Italy. The brand is co-founded by an Italian Iranian couple with the mission of showcasing the beauty, tradition and artistic mastery of the Ancient Persia while helping others overcome prejudices as they discover a new culture.


The design of Boté A Mano shoes is inspired by the geometrical patterns of the Persian architecture. The sharp cuts , the parallel lines and the iconic triangle shape on the posterior of the shoes are the direct representation of this architecture. Yet the simplicity of forms are  aimed to accentuate the historical fabrics that are used on Boté A Mano shoes. Every fabric has a symbolic design and is chosen to unfold the cultural history & traditions of different tribes in the ancient Persia and its neighboring countries.


Bote A Mano shoes are handcrafted in Italy at the brand’s atelier in Civitanova-Marche with historical fabrics inspired by the Persian art. 

Every hisorical fabric used on Boté A Mano shoes, is hand-woven with silk and was traditionally used exclusively on Persian royal’s outfits or traded as a valuable goods along the Ancient Silk Road.

For the production of Boté A Mano shoes, our Master shoe makers carefully cut these fabrics as if they are making a luxury dress. Yet instead of tailoring a gown with these beautiful fabrics they dress our shoes and complement it with premium quality leather linings and soles that make the shoes extremely soft and comfortable from day zero. 

The result is a unique handcrafted shoe that unites the best of the  Persian & Italian cultures & expertise.


Boté A Mano is the result of a love a story between the two founders, Edoardo from Italy and Niloufar from Iran, who first met back in 2012. When they met, Edoardo knew little about the Persian culture. Like most people, he saw Iran mainly as an oppressive regime with no freedom. Since then, through their love, Niloufar has helped Edoardo to overcome his prejudices by exposing him to the beauties and traditions of the Persian culture.

By launching Boté A Mano the couples wanted to show the beauty that results from abandoning our prejudices, discovering a new culture, and uniting know-hows and expertise no matter the race, religion, or geographical territory.

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