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The Yazd Collection


Handicrafts often represent the cultural history of a country, their people, costumes and traditions. They are used as a non-verbal language replacing the close relationship between ‘mind’ and ‘language’ with ‘mind’ and ‘hand’. Every creation of art represents a hidden story, a conversation, and a start of a potential dialogue between the artist and us. “The Yazd Collection”, a line of hand made Italian shoes, brings to life through usage of a unique Persian silk fabric named Termeh, the story woven by the Iranian artists in the ancient city of Yazd.

The city of Yazd, once an important station on the Silk Road, has been admired for centuries for its artefacts and its unique architectural mastery. Today this historical capital, dating back to over 5000 years, is protected under UNESCO world heritage, and is considered as one of the most beautiful desert city in the world. All in all, despite the unmerciful adversities of living in a desert, the people of Yazd have managed to create insurmountable beauty, which is reflected also in one of their famous craft, an ancient Persian silk fabric, named Termeh.

Termeh fabric is one of the ancient arts of Iran, woven originally for royal outfits and merchants that were trading it as a valuable good along the Silk Road. Every Termeh design is symbolic and meaningful and through combinations of different motifs, master weavers narrate their story. For instance, by using the Paisley motif that originally symbolises the cedar tree bowing to God, the weaver showcases its humbleness towards the God he worships. The Paisley motif is in fact so often used in the Termeh design that sometimes the fabric is identified just through this pattern.

Today a good quality Termeh silk fabric is used as a decorative object in the house and is considered as a valuable family treasure that is passed on from one generation to the next. Through The Yazd Collection we have redefined a new usage for this beautiful fabric by using a piece of this treasure on our hand made Italian designer flats and ankle boots.