Boté A Mano is a Persian Inspired ladies footwear brand, handcrafted in Italy.

The brand is co-founded by an Italian Iranian couple with the mission of showcasing the beauty, tradition and artistic mastery of the ancient Persian culture while inspiring others to follow their path of discovery through their love story.


Bote A Mano shoes are handcrafted in Italy at the brand’s atelier in Civitanova Marche with fabrics handwoven by our artisans in India and Iran.  

For the production of Boté A Mano shoes, our Master shoe makers carefully cut our handwoven fabrics as if they are making a luxury dress. Yet instead of tailoring a gown with these one of a kind fabrics they dress our shoes and complement it with premium quality Italian leather linings and soles that make the shoes extremely soft and comfortable from day one.

The result is a unique handcrafted shoe that unites the best of the Persian & Italian cultures & expertise.

The Founders

Boté A Mano is the fruit of a love a story between the two founders, Edoardo from Italy and Niloufar from Iran, who met while both studying in Milan. At first, Edoardo knew little about Iran, but through his love for Niloufar he gradually discovered the beautiful Persian culture.

Together they have travelled Iran and the neighbouring countries to better understand the roots and tradition of this ancient civilisation.

With exposure and better understanding of this poetic culture, came the need to showcase the true image of Iran that today is overshadowed by politics. This need resulted to the launch of the brand.