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Frequently asked questions:

1. Product Information

2. Order Information

3. Return or Exchange

4. Shipping


1. Product information

What makes Boté A Mano footwear special?

Boté A Mano shoes are the result of the merge of know-hows between different cultures. The shoes are produced in the heart of Italy with the finest leather for their soles and linings. The fabric that is used on the upper part of the shoes is however, sourced from the countries known for their exquisite textile weaving since the era of the ancient silk road. For this, founders, Niloufar & Edoardo, are constantly on the road in search of artisans that are still keeping their traditional weaving techniques alive.

The “Inaugural Collection” is produced with the collaboration of the Indian textile weavers from Banaras and master shoemakers in Italy. The goal of Boté A Mano is to open a dialogue between different cultures throughout all stages of their supply chain.

What material do you use for the sole?
All the Boté A Mano shoes are made with a half  a rubber sole that protects the leather sole of the shoes from soft rains and slippery surface while making them long lasting.

Will the shoes go ever on Sale?
The Boté A Mano shoes are produced with handwoven fabrics in limited editions and are launched at variable dates within the year. Therefore, they do not follow a normal seasonal cycle and as a result will not go on sales.

Will Boté A Mano shoes be replenished when out of stock?
As every shoes is produced with one of a kind textiles handwoven in limited quantities, the chance of re-producing the same model with the same textile is very low. Therefore, depending to the availability of the fabric, we might or we might not replenish the model.

2. Order Information

Where is my order, can I track delivery progress?
Yes, once your order is shipped from our warehouse, you will receive a tracking number.

Are payments and shopping on your site safe?
Yes, our checkout page uses SSL and you can pay via card or PayPal. 

What does pre-order mean?
As we produce every Boté A Mano shoes in limited quantities, we sometimes give an option to reserve your pair before they are available in stock.  For this, we will give you an estimated time frame and make sure you receive your order as soon as stock is available.

What currency do you accept?
On Boté A Mano website, we display prices in both British Pound and Euro, but on your invoice, the total purchased amount will be in British Pound as it is our default currency.

Can I cancel my order?
Made a mistake and need to cancel? If your order hasn’t been processed for dispatched, we’ll try and action this. Check the message in your order confirmation email, and send us a note with your order number to

3. Return or Exchange

How do I return an item?
If by any chance, the product is not satisfactory, you have all the rights to return it within 30 days except for any item purchased between November 16th to December 24th for which the return policy is extended to 60 days. To be eligible for a full refund of the cost of goods, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you have received it.  Also, it must be in the original packaging. To return your Bote A Mano, please click here.

Can I exchange my Boté A Mano?
We don’t offer exchanges because we’ve found that the quickest way to get Boté A Mano back on your feet is for you to place a new order. This avoids delays and higher postage costs.

Therefore, all you need to do is to place a new order on site and send us back the original order by following the return instructions so we can process your refund.

4. Shipping

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship your Boté A Mano shoes from United Kingdom to wherever you are.

What shipping options do you offer?

FREE worldwide standard shipping for any order above £190; if less the following shipping cost will be applied:

United Kingdom

Next day delivery:  £ 8
Before five business days: £ 5


Before five business days: £ 10

Rest of the world

Before five business days: £ 20